Hair removal procedures are among the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the United States. Laser hair removal is consistently one of the most effective types, and now the Harmony XL Pro offers a leading hair removal option: Speed AFT.

What Is the Harmony XL Pro’s Speed AFT?

The Harmony XL Pro uses its unique 2020 award-winning technology to provide a one-stop solution for hair removal.

Speed AFT uses gradual heating to damage hair follicles while ensuring your skin is safe. It relies on Alma’s Advanced Fluorescent Technology and Super Hair Removal (SHR) method to deliver light energy at wavelength ranges of 700 to 950 nm. This allows the melanin in your hair follicles to absorb the most light.

The sweeping in-motionTM delivery keeps the laser constantly moving and your skin safe while maximizing treatment coverage.

To damage the skin follicles, the heat from the laser accumulates at the hair roots. The pigment in your hair, called melanin, absorbs the light and converts it to heat, and that heat destroys the tube-shaped sacs within your skin that produce hair.

Benefits of Speed AFT

One of the benefits that Harmony XL Pro’s Speed AFT offers is combined and simultaneous contact cooling technology. This ensures that you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. 

Speed AFT is an excellent option for people of all skin and hair types. Other hair removal treatments work best with dark hair and light skin, but that is not true with Speed AFT. The updated technology allows almost everyone to benefit from this option. 

The Harmony XL Pro’s special applicator can also allow our skincare specialists to treat larger areas of skin more rapidly. 

In addition, it offers longer-lasting results than other types of laser hair removal procedures. You can combine laser hair removal with other treatment options, including skin rejuvenation. 

Treatment Process

Getting the Speed AFT SHR procedure takes just a few minutes. Because it is much faster than other laser hair removal options, treating larger areas can take just eight minutes.

Your skincare provider will prepare your skin and begin treatment. You can expect the laser to pass over the same area many times, offering low energy levels that will not damage your skin. Because of the simultaneous contact cooling technology the probe offers, the process is comfortable.

To achieve the best results, you will need a few treatment sessions. On average, you can expect to need anywhere from six to ten sessions. The number of treatments depends on a few factors, including:

  • Hair type
  • Skin color
  • Treatment area

Treatment can last a few seconds for small areas like your upper lip, while areas like your back may need almost ten minutes.


There is no downtime after receiving a Speed AFT SHR treatment. Some measures, however, can keep your skin safe in between hair removal sessions to get the best results.

Avoid direct and unprotected exposure to UV light for at least two weeks after your treatment. You also want to avoid saunas, hot tubs, or steam rooms for at least a week. It is better not to shave the treated areas for a few days after your session.

Remove Unwanted Hair

Turning to a laser hair removal option like Harmony XL Pro’s Speed AFT can help eliminate unwanted hair. The technology offers quick and effective hair removal for all skin and hair types.

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