Residents of Oshkosh have access to quality dermatology services right in their community. Dermatology care treats conditions affecting the skin, hair, and nails.

What Is a Dermatology Provider?

A dermatology provider specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions affecting skin, hair, and nails. At the Wisconsin Institute of Plastic Surgery, Megan MacCarthy, PA-C, and Colleen VanEgeren, PA-C, have combined extensive experience delivering top-quality skincare treatments. They are skilled in evaluating both medical and cosmetic skin conditions.

Some standard procedures dermatology physician assistants perform include skin cancer screenings, mole checks, acne and eczema treatments, skin biopsies, and cosmetic treatments like BOTOX® injections.

When to See a Dermatology Provider

While a primary care provider can initially treat many minor skin issues, some signs warrant seeking care from a dermatology provider sooner rather than later. A dermatology physician assistant should constantly evaluate new, changing, or unusual moles and lesions; early skin cancer detection is critical. Persistent rashes, itching, or pain that won’t clear up despite over-the-counter treatments may indicate an underlying condition needing specialized care.

Other reasons to see a skilled provider include severe acne, psoriasis, nail or hair disorders, allergic reactions, or wound healing problems. Dermatology providers can also provide routine skin cancer screenings and mole checks, especially for those with increased risk factors.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When seeing a dermatology provider, they will carefully examine the skin and perform any necessary testing to make an accurate diagnosis. Standard diagnostic tools include skin biopsies to examine suspicious lesions under a microscope, skin scrapings to detect fungal infections, and dermoscopy, which uses a handheld magnifier to inspect moles and spots. Once a condition is identified, your provider can provide targeted medical or surgical treatments.

This may include prescription creams, oral medications, light therapy, laser treatments, cryotherapy (freezing), surgical excision of skin cancers or moles, and wound care. They can also recommend lifestyle changes and sun protection strategies. One-on-one consultations ensure skin conditions receive proper diagnosis and management.

Get Dermatology Care in Oshkosh

Dermatology services are an essential part of quality healthcare for residents in the Oshkosh area. With access to experienced dermatology physician assistants and the latest diagnostic and treatment options, community members can feel assured that their skin, hair, and nail conditions will receive specialized attention. 

For medical concerns like skin cancer screening or cosmetic procedures, seeing a local dermatology provider allows prompt evaluation and customized care plans.